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Fidelity Towing Service


Whether you have broken down and need urgent emergency roadside assistance or you need to

have a vehicle towed to a remote destination, Fidelity Towing in Nepean, Ottawa will have the

perfect solution for you. We offer a wide range of services and solutions for all your auto needs

and at reasonable prices. Our phone lines are constantly manned so you can always set an

appointment, call for immediate help and receive an up-front price quote. Fidelity Towing is a fully

licensed and insured locally owned business which is proud to provide services to its neighbors in

Nepean. In order for us to maintain the level of professionalism which we have acquired over the

years we place customer service as our utmost priority.

So that we can be there for you we have a team on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

After all we provide emergency services, and we never know when to expect an emergency. And

to top that all off, Fidelity Towing in Nepean guarantees an arrival time of 30 minutes to all calls in

the Nepean area. We don’t want you waiting outside for assistance any longer than absolutely



Fidelity Towing Team


Our polite, reliable and professional team are always happy to help, whether you need a tire

change, a jumpstart or to have your car towed. You can be sure that your vehicle is in good

hands when the Fidelity Towing Team is there!

The Fidelity Towing operators provide a wide range of services, including different types of towing

and roadside assistance services. The team has been professional trained and all team

members are fully licensed. We take great pride in our work and use all the latest technology and

equipment in our work, coupled with our constant learning process, you will find that we can get

any job done in a fast and efficient manner.


So, What Exactly Is Dolly Towing?


A dolly is a type of unpowered trailer which we connect to one of our trucks and the front wheels

of the towed vehicle are connected to the dolly, in order to tow the vehicle. Tow dollies are used

to tow vehicles that have been involved in an accident or may need repairs and are unable to

drive to the garage. Tow dollies are one of the more cost-effective means of towing. The tow

dollies that Fidelity Towing uses are some of the strongest out there and our team will attach your

vehicle to the dolly safely. With our experience, this will be done in no time. Our trustworthy

drivers will have your vehicle at its destination in the same condition that they received it, making

sure that no more damage is caused to the vehicle – with their years of experience doing this, it is

now their second nature.

When it comes to your vehicle it’s important to know that it is in the hands of someone you can